IROCHEM is a global organic chemicals manufacturer and supplier. IRO group Since established in 2003, IRO Group has been developing sharply. From the initial water treatment chemicals, IRO business now covers water treatment chemicals, biocides, surfactants, chelating agents, solvents, oil drilling chemicals, textile auxiliaries, paper-making additives and food additives. In 2011, the total turnover achieves USD 120 million.

What does IROCHEM do?

IROCHEM provide a comprehensive range of supply chain services in our chosen fields from production, sourcing, logistics to application for achieving more added-value.

1. What Is Core Business of Your Website?

Our core business is water treatment chemistry. IROCHEM serves every market in assisting customers with their water treatment needs. Specifically, corrosion inhibitors and antiscalant are what IRO water keeps their focus on.


2. How Does Your Business Make Money?

We manufacture and supply our products, especially organophosphoric and polycarboxylic products as corrosion inhibitor and antiscalant. Besides, we can also supply customer-tailored products as per their requirements and needs.

3. What Products/Service You Offer?

  • Polycarboxylic antiscale and dispersant
  • Organophosphoric antiscale and corrosion inhibitors, chelant (HEDP)
  • Organophosphoric salt
  • Bactericide and algicide
  • Oxygen scavenger
  • Reverse osmosis chemical

4. Describe IROCHEM’s Ideal Customer Or Target Market?

  • Mining, refineries, geothermal, utility plants, upstream activities along with many other industries continue to rely on the quality that IRO provides with their chemistry to better protect and improve operating performance of critical equipment such as boilers, cooling towers, reverse osmosis systems, and producing wells.
  • Detergents industry in various forms of cleaning, including laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, industrial washing/cleaning, including auto washing.
  • Cleaners such as phosphate esters, flame retardants, and oil/gas fracking control of Ca/Ba/Al/Mg, etc.)


5. What Is Your Product Application?

  • Protect and improve operating performance of WT equipment such as boilers, cooling towers, reverse osmosis systems and producing wells.
  • Applied in detergent industries as surfactants and chelators.
  • Applied in cleaners as chelators